How to make it difficult to find online test results.

Many doctor’s offices have moved access to medical records online. For example, my doctor’s office emailed me today to tell me that my COVID-19 test results are available and I should go online to view them.

I need to know for certain what the results are because I have a surgery scheduled for next Monday that I would have to cancel if I have COVID-19. Whoever designed the website seems determined to make it as difficult as possible to obtain test results.

The page is designed so that on the left side of the page there are the following tabs.

  • Patient Account
  • Patient Appointments
  • Documents
  • Review Medical Record
  • Message a Provider
  • Contact Us

So far, so good. The obvious place to search for test results is the Review Medical Record tab and if it is not there, the Documents tab.

So, I clicked on the Review Medical Record and I see it is divided into the following child tabs.

  • Patient Summary
  • Allergies
  • Immunizations
  • Medical History
  • Medications
  • Orders
  • Problem List

Nothing in that list gives any indication where to find Results.

So, I clicked on the Documents tab. It has one child tab, the Community Resources tab.

Again, no indication where to find Results.

I finally found the Results after I started clicking on every single tab and child tab; there were over 50.

The Results were located in the Orders child tab of the Review Medical Record tab.

If the Orders child tab was named Results I could have found that I do not have COVID-19 in 30 seconds. As it is, it took me 30 minutes!


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