On Sondland’s impeachment testimony

How to interpret Sondland’s impeachment testimony. Hint, it is very bad news for the Republicans and Trump.

“I know that members of this committee have frequently framed these complicated issues in the form of a simple question: Was there a ‘quid pro quo?’  With regard to the requested White House call and White House meeting, the answer is yes.”

Ambassador Gordon Sondland

Translation: Yes. Trump did in fact try to commit Extortion, Bribery, and Blackmail.

Thank you Sondland.

Sonland said he acted “at the express direction of the president of the United States.”

Translation: Trump was directly involved and was calling the shots.

Again, thank you Sondland.

Sondland then said “there was no secret” and “Everyone was in the loop.”

This is completely irrelevant. If everyone involved including the POTUS, ambassadors, Sondland, and Giuliani knew that Trump was guilty of Extortion, Bribery, and Blackmail that does not make it right. He was still guilty of Extortion, Bribery, and Blackmail!

Again, thank you Sondland.

Today was a very good day, but not for Trump and his supporters.

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On the legitimacy of the closed-door depositions

Every time I see Republicans mention the fact that “House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff (D-CA) held secretive closed-door depositions” I want to scream. These closed-door depositions were essentially the same a a grand jury hearing.

Grand jury hearings are always secret here in the United States.

See Federal Grand Jury Secrecy: Legal Principles and Implications for Congressional Oversight for details.

The following is a key excerpt from the “Federal Grand Jury Secrecy: Legal Principles and Implications for Congressional Oversight” document.

Traditionally, the grand jury has conducted its work in secret. Secrecy prevents those under scrutiny from fleeing or importuning the grand jurors, encourages full disclosure by witnesses, and protects the innocent from unwarranted prosecution, among other things.

Federal Grand Jury Secrecy: Legal Principles and Implications for Congressional Oversight

In other words, every time a Republican brings up these secretive closed-door depositions they are just twisting the facts and trying to deceive people by claiming that the process was not legitimate when it is just how things are done here.