Incompetence at Microsoft

Whoever does user interface design at Microsoft is an incompetent ignorant imbecile.

When an application freezes and you attempt to close the frozen application a dialog box is displayed that asks if the user wants to close the application or wait for it to start responding again. Then after the user confirms that they wish to close the application another dialog box is displayed saying it is sending information to Microsoft and asking the user to wait. The send information to Microsoft dialog box always freezes.

So, let us review what is happening here.

  1. The user is experiencing an application freeze.
  2. The user just forced the frozen application to close so they can restart it and continue with their work. It is very likely they have lost work as a result.
  3. Microsoft adds insult to injury by deliberately causing another application freeze just so that they can be notified about the previous application freeze.

Are you fucking insane? You not do that you fucking assholes!

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