Fire Breathing Dragon

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A man comes running up to a group of people, shouting “Run, run for your lives! There is a nogard right behind me!”

They reply, “Nogard, what is a nogard?”

In response he says “You know, an enormous, previously thought to be mythological, beast that flies and breathes fire.”

Laughing, the group of people reply, “Do you mean a dragon?”

“Yes, that is it, that is what I meant, a dragon. A dragon is right behind me! Now you really should be running for your lives!”

“What do you mean by saying a dragon is right behind you? There is no such thing as a dragon.”

He looks over his shoulder, sees the dragon approaching, screams, and runs away. Meanwhile, the group of people are laughing and joking with each other, discussing the “crazy” stranger. Seconds latter they notice that they are now in a deep shadow, something that is very unusual out in the open on a cloudless, sunny day. They look up just in time to see a great blast of fire coming from the dragon’s mouth…

Meanwhile, a mile away, the “crazy” man mutters, “I tried to warn you” as he retreats deeper into the hiding place he found, hoping that the dragon would not think to search there.



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