The Carbon Programming Language is not a legitimate successor to the C++ Programming Language.

The Carbon Programming Language was recently announced as an experimental successor to C++. In my opinion the Carbon Programming Language is not a legitimate successor to the C++ Programming Language.

If you create a new programming language that is meant to be a successor of an existing programming language, do not break every single rule of the original language.

In C, C++, C#, and many simular languages data types are on the left and variable names are on the right. Anyone who has any experience in these programming languages expects any programming language that claims to be a successor to follow this most basic of syntax rules. This rule is such a basic rule of the language you should not even consider breaking it for a so called successor language.

The Carbon Programming Language breaks that rule.

Maybe people who have not ever used C and C++ will be willing to learn the Carbon Programming Language, but people with 20+ years of experience will hesitate because the code is too different.

This should be obvious.

Putting the variable name on the left and the data type on the right may make parsing easier, but millions of people who have experience in C or C++ or C# expect the data type to be on the left. Google, by going against these expectations is greatly limiting the adoption of the Carbon Programming Language.

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